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Year 3 English – W/B 22nd June 2020

We are continuing to read and base our work around the story ‘The Thief the Fool and the Big Fat King’, a fiction story set in the Tudor period. These lessons are carrying on from last week. What can you remember about the story so far?

This week, over the next three lessons, we will be spending time focusing on writing, editing and improving paragraphs we write.

Lessons 1 & 2

The focus of these lessons is on the quality of your writing, reflecting on everything we have been practising over the year…

No excuses! (capital letters and full stops)

Noun phrases (2 adjective sentences eg. The controlling, aggressive King ordered his servants)

4 adjective sentences (eg. The controlling, aggressive King ordered his poor, desperate servants.)

Starting sentences with adverbs/verbs (eg. Quietly, the boy tiptoed passed the king/Strolling through his kingdom, the King ordered his servants about.)

B.O.Y.S sentences (sentences with ‘but’, ‘or’, ‘yet’ and ‘so’)

Similes (eg. The King was as large as an elephant.)

Other punctuation (inverted commas for speech, commas for pause and effect, exclamations)

You will be using your timeline of events/storyboards from last week to write small, descriptive paragraphs. You may wish to just choose one event from the timeline, but ideally, looking to write 3+ quality paragraphs to describe the events. Remember this is a TUDOR story. Look at the language used in the text TFBFK. Think carefully about the inclusion of reported/direct speech to enhance paragraphs….does it sound right? Revise paragraphs using the PowerPoint Presentations.

Now it’s your turn…choose which key events you want to write about and get writing!

Lesson 3 & 4

Revise yesterday’s ideas. Start/continue writing your descriptive paragraphs. Once you have written a paragraph, before moving onto the next, edit your work and use the checklist and evaluation sheet available above.

Lesson 5 – Grammar

Task 1- Choose an appropriate level and complete the SPAG mat.

Task 2- Can you up-level the sentences?