Field Place Infant to join Sparkle MAT

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Field Place Infant to join Sparkle MAT

We are delighted to announce that on January 1st 2024, the link between the Field Place Infant School and Orchards Junior School becomes complete when they join the Sparkle Multi-Academy Trust.

We have worked closely together for over two years and made great improvements on our ABC – Attainment, Behaviour and Curriculum!  Being part of the same trust will serve to further strengthen the links and the opportunities to work closely together on a seven year (more if you are part of the Nursery) journey.  

On a day to day basis this will not affect children or families at all, other than it was agreed that we would change to name to Orchards Infant and Nursery School to align the schools more closely.  

We are also going to change the uniform to a more contemporary colour and to link with the blue of Orchards Junior School. To ease the cost of changing the uniforms we will be giving every child a new sweatshirt or cardigan free of charge. We will let you know when we will be distributing the clothing and further items can also be bought if required.  

We will also be introducing new PE t-shirts which will be able to be purchased when the stock comes in but the children can continue to wear their old ones for as long as necessary.

There will be a combined Governing Body for both schools led by Peter Neale who is currently a governor at Orchards Junior School and Field Place Infant School.  There are a lot of things to change like websites etc but we will do this sensibly as the term progresses.

A new name will be a challenge for us all to remember, especially the children, but as time progresses this will become easier.  We are all very excited about the opportunities and looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

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