The last day for pupils is Wednesday 20th July. Please ensure that the children bring water bottles and hats to school with them over these last few days.

Year 6 Science – W/B 29th June 2020

Lesson 4

Are shadows the same shape as the object that casts them? Look through the PowerPoint to find out:

Watch this short clip to see an explanation of light sources and how shadows are created:

Watch the short clip about shadow puppets to see what a shadow puppet performance looks like:

Play the Total Darkness game where you can venture into the night using your science skills to solve the mystery of Total Darkness. When the power cuts out, players have nothing but a torch, their quick wit and a cast of curious characters to find the real cause of Total Darkness.

Test your knowledge with the Shadows and Reflections quiz:

Extension Activity

You could create your own shadow puppet theatre!