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Year 4 Maths – W/B 29th June 2020

Overview for the week

This week we will be focusing on understanding Money problems. We will be applying our knowledge of the four operations to these tasks and extending our understanding of working with decimals.  .

Lesson 1

Ask the children what they already know about money; How many pence in a pound? What coins can they name? Which notes can they name?

Using my maths…

It would be beneficial, if time allows, to work through both of these resources – There are lots of questions that they can do as they go through and builds upon all of the essential skills needed for money handling.

Lesson 2

We will be looking at applying our knowledge and understanding of money to word problems now. It may be beneficial to re-visit the My Maths resources from yesterday as refresher.

Attached there are two different tasks, the first involves lots of adding and subtracting – For these questions it is important the children write their workings down remembering to use column method and making sure the decimal point is always in line with each other. The questions increase in difficulty. The second task is reinforces the children’s understanding of the different coin values – They may be able to answer these questions in their heads, of course, if they are finding it tricky get them to write their workings down.

Lesson 3 & 4

Today you are going to show off and combine all of your money handling skills that we have built upon this week. Lockdown has been tough for everyone, your job is to plan a party for when it is finally over. If you look at the sheet attached you will see what items are available for purchase and how much you will have to spend. During this you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to work within a budget, this will mean that you calculations have to be spot on.

Lesson 5

Finally this week, you are going to become the teacher! Lets see if you are able to create your own questions and word problems for someone else in your house to answer. Using the sheet from yesterday your job will be to create 10 questions based on the items that were available to you. You can make these questions as hard as you like, but remember, you have to know the correct answer yourself.

Here is an example to help give you some ideas:

There are 5 different drinks available to buy. How much would it cost for me to buy one of each?

Answer: £6.70