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Year 5 Art – W/B 22nd June 2020

Lesson 3

Our next unit of Art work is printing inspired by William Morris.  Show the children the work of previous students.

Ask them what they think William Morris designed (wallpaper & carpets) and discuss his inspiration (nature –birds, plants, flowers etc.)  Look at a range of designs by William Morris and show PowerPoint. Discuss your favourite footprints and explain why. Explain that this topic links with their Science topic of Life Cycles and Habitats.

Have a go at drawing various footprints, overlapping their ideas on one page and trying various prints to explore a full range. Encourage children to consider animal prints that will be used to influence the colour scheme of their work.

Please note: If you have printing equipment at home it will be useful for the coming weeks, however if not you could use a potato to print or be flexible with the planning, and sketch/colour/paint the designs.