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Year 3 Maths – W/B 22nd June 2020

This week we will be looking at coordinates.

Lesson 1

Open MyMaths-Geometry – Position and Direction – Y4 Coordinates 1 – positive

Work your way slides 1-4 (and if you’re feeling confident have a look at slide 5)

This will break down what coordinates are and how we read and plot them.

Task 1- Can you complete the ‘Activity sheet’ and ‘Animal activity’ below and plot the coordinates?

Task 2- Now have a go at drawing your own grid (or using the blank template below) and with coloured dots or even pictures, plot some coordinates on the grid. Can you now write the correct coordinates for each image or coloured dot?

Remember- Along the corridor then up the stairs!

Lesson 2

Play the game at the weblink below. It is a 4 quadrant grid and you have to type the co-ordinates of where the aliens are.

You will need someone to play this next game with you, it is called ‘Treasure Battle’. It is very similar to battleships. You are to take turns to call out co-ordinates. If your partner has a piece of treasure at the co-ordinate they guessed, then they have to say what it is.  They can record the piece of treasure they found and it’s co-ordinate on the ‘treasure battle’ sheet. The first person to find all pieces of treasure wins. 

Lesson 3

Play the game at the link below to look at plotting coordinates. Choose an appropriate difficulty.

Today, you will use what you have learned to create your own co-ordinate challenges for each other. Feel free to recap anything you have found difficult from previous lessons before you start. You can use either the empty quadrant paper or just normal grid paper to create your own game involving co-ordinates. You will need to remember what you have learned about coordinates to make a successful game.

Lesson 4

Complete the year 3 arithmetic test. Once finished, check your answers. How well did you do?

Lesson 5 – 8x Tables

Have you completed your MyMaths homework this week? Make sure you do!

Use today to try and smash a TTRockstars record!