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Year 3 History – W/B 15th June 2020

Lesson 3

This week we are learning about, investigating and exploring Tudor homes and schools. What do you think Tudor homes and schools were like? Do you think they were like they are nowadays? Why? Work your way through the PowerPoint and read the information sheets to find out what they were like. You can also watch the BBC video link to have a look into what the schooling was like.

Can you produce and informative and creative piece of work including all the information you have learn about Tudor schools and homes? This could be done as a poster, leaflet or even PowerPoint (template worksheets are available if you would prefer). You may wish to research some additional information using the internet. Try to find out the answers to the following questions…

What were Tudor houses like?

What were Tudor schools like?

Why did Tudor houses burn down so easily?

What sort of punishments did Tudor children incur at school?

Follow the links below to support your learning.