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Year 4 English – W/B 8th June 2020

Lesson 1

Today we are going to create a diary entry as one of the characters from Snow White in New York.

Part 1: Discuss what a diary is, what is its purpose? Have a look together through the ‘Diary entry checklist’ and talk about the features of a diary entry. Now think about the story, the characters and the events that take place. Could you imagine being one of those characters going through one of those events? How would you feel?

Part 2: You will need to pick a character and event from the story and pretend to be them. Your task will be to write a diary entry explaining your thoughts feelings during one of those events. For example you may wish to pretend you are Snow White and talk about how you were feeling when you found out that you could stay with the seven jazz men. There is an example below from a previous year to help give you an idea.

Lesson 2 & 3

In this lesson you will plan the re-telling of Snow White in New York with your own modern twists.

Part 1: You should try to keep the basic structure of the story the same but perhaps change things such as the settings, who Snow White stays with, how the queen plans to take Snow White down. To get you started, create a mind map on a piece of paper listing all of your new ideas.

Create a storyboard, similar to the one you did last week, but this time include the ideas that you came up with on your mind map. This will help you when it comes to creating your story in full. You may want to consider how you want to present your new story, will it be a comic, will it be a newspaper, will it be a traditional story?

Lesson 4 & 5

Today you are going to write your story of Snow White in New York with their modern twists !

Part 1: Decide how you want to present your story? Will it be as comic strip, will it be a traditional story or maybe through a newspaper article? Over the next two lessons you will need to write up your story which include all of your modern day twists and changes to it. There are a variety of templates that have been added that you may wish to write your work up on to.  

Part 2: Whilst you are creating your neat version of your story try to show off with all of the writing skills that we have learnt in Year 4. Try to be as descriptive as possible by using adjectives, adverbs, noun phrases and similes. If you have forgotten any of these terms then IXL and BBC Bitesize will help. Don’t forget to keep checking those spellings and making sure you have punctuated your work correctly.