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Year 3 English – W/B 8th June 2020

We are starting a new topic in Literacy this week and will be reading ‘The Thief the Fool and the Big Fat King’, a fiction story set in the Tudor period.

There does appear to be an issue with access to this text on Sora – please see Class Dojo for information from the class teacher…

For this unit of work you will need to access your Sora account for a copy of the text – search for the title and it should appear in the search results. If you need your Sora login details, please email Mr Parkinson – jparkinson@orchardsjunior.school

Lesson 1 – Reading and Discussing

Read through the selection of Tudor stories before reading ‘The Thief the Fool and the Big Fat King’ (TFBFK). How are these stories different to others you have read this year? Can you find clues from the texts which show us they are set in Tudor times?

Lesson 2- Predictions

Have a look at the front cover of TFBFK. What do you think the story is about? What kind of characters might be in the story? Read Chapter 1 ‘Cowards and Coffins’. When do you think the story is set? What are the clues that tell us? How do you feel about the characters?

Task 1- Draw and annotate each character in this chapter and write words/phrases to describe them (Father, Poor boy, Tangle-haired girl).

Task 2- Think about what might happen next in the story. Can you predict what you think will happen next in the story? Write a sentence starting with ‘I predict that……….’

Lesson 3 & 4 – Hot seating and retelling

Read chapter 2&3 of TFBFK. What’s happened so far? Is there any words you are unsure of and need to find out what they mean? Create a word bank! You will be rewriting the events from a spectator’s point of view (somebody there who saw it all and was watching).

Task 1- To help with your writing, have a go at acting out the events so far. Think about what the crowd might see, hear and feel.

Task 2- Now have a go at rewriting these events in the book so far from the point of view of a spectator in the crowd. Use the pictures in the book to help you and remind you of the events. You will be writing in the 1st person (I) as if you were there. Remember- NOEXCUSES! Capital letters, full stops, punctuation, noun phrases.

Lesson 5 – Grammar

Task 1- Choose an appropriate level and complete the SPAG mat.

Task 2- What is a fronted adverbial? Go through the power points and activities. Can you make your own fortune teller to tell them which type of fronted adverbial to use to start your sentence? Have a go at writing some of your own sentences using your ISPACE fortune teller to help.