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Year 5 French – W/B 29th June 2020

Family Members

Use flashcards to introduce family members. Children just listen (écoutez) and say the words in their head. This video may be useful:

Discuss things that the children notice about the words (i.e. ma for female people and mon for males. Mere and Soeur start with the same letter in French and English.) Hold up the mum and sister card- call out ma, hold up the brother and father cards- call out mon.

Play Corners: Stick flashcards on walls, children walk to a flashcard. Call out a family member at random, and if they stand by the correct flashcard they are ‘in’. If they get it wrong, they are ‘out’ and have to sit down… this game is best played with more than one person so perhaps brothers and sisters could join in too!

Hold the flashcard and say the words- use a range of different voices e.g. loud/quiet/silly voices for mon frère and mon père and use whisper/deep/high voices for ma mère and ma sœur. Children repeat after you in the same voice.